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Dentures – including Full Dentures or Flexible partial(metal free dentures) are the fastest way to replace some or all of your missing teeth. Loosing our teeth is never by choice, various factors can contribute from trauma to general health issues, and while its important take care of your general health, replacing some or all of your missing teeth should also be a priority. Dentures, including full and partial dentures are the fastest and most cost efficient way to replace some or all of your missing teeth especially at the Same Day Denture Center in Albany.
Tooth loss is a very common problem nowadays and unfortunately, as we are aging, our natural teeth start cracking and falling out. According to American Dental Association, 70 percent of adults have lost at least one permanent tooth and more than 25 percent of adults over 60 have lost all their permanent teeth.

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Here at Same Day Dentures Albany we understand that when it comes to your smile, experience doesn’t just matter, it vital. That is why we offer you to look at some important insights of the procedure and why to choose us, the Same Day Dentures center , servicing Albany and surrounding areas.

You come in in the morning, and you leave with full set of teeth in the afternoon. Its that simple, if the right people are doing it.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures, also known as false teeth or dental plate are prosthetic devices custom made to replace some or all of the missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures can be partial, when the patient has teeth remained; or full in case patient is missing all the teeth.

Procedures like this used to take weeks or even months, but now Same Day Dentures in Albany offers Clients a revolutionary procedure when Patient can have complete dentures fabricated and perfectly tailored to the mouth, jawbone and tissues just in one day, the same day.

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First and the biggest advantage of same day dentures is timing. From the moment, Same Day Dentures in Albany implemented this newest technique, thousands of Clients were able to regain their perfect smiles in no time and get back to their normal daily activities at the same day.

Some Same Day Dentures procedures can follow tooth extraction which can be performed at the office as well, they can serve as a bandage to protect the tissues ,minimize bleeding and minimize swelling, allowing Patient to quickly get used to them and establish speech pattern early. All work and quality is guaranteed for fit, function and defects.

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Another great advantage of the procedure is that Patient will be able to chew without reducing any facial distortion which can occur when teeth are removed, often visible when people have teeth missing the lips end up falling inside the mouth due to lack of support. Having teeth or dentures will not only prevent this from occurring, but will also correct existing facial distortion by providing necessary support for the lips.

Our Same Day Dentures office in Albany, serving Capital district and surrounding communities already has helped thousands or Patients to get back to their lives by placing immediate dentures. Materials we are using for the procedure are the highest quality, which guarantee great results and durability.

Veterans (Past & Present, family included), Senior citizens & members of Law Enforcement (past & present, family included) discounts are available.

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